Melody Footsteps Reviews

My son loves coming here

I joined Melody Footsteps as the teacher is Kodály trained which I have faith in as it’s a tried and tested method. It helps very small children develop musical skills which will benefit them as they get older, for example if you would like them to go on to learn a musical instrument. The location of the class itself is great and the price is very competitive as well. My son loves coming here and they incorporate lots of movement into it so there’s something for everyone in each class.

Jessica, Mum of Lucien (10 months), Cambridge

they choose songs to match our children’s preferences

I started here in August with my baby and it was really nice as we were in the park. Dominic enjoys touching and exploring all of the different instruments – especially the drums! They have a nice choice of songs to sing and they choose songs to match our children’s preferences. Just recently they played the violin which was very interesting for Dominic as it was something that he has not seen or heard before. He is usually very calm and smiley here and I think it’s a very good start for him if he wants to learn to play an instrument one day.

Jana, Mum of Dominic (4 months), Cambridge

She knows about music to a very high standard

I really like that Mel – who runs the group – is a qualified musician so she knows about music to a very high standard. The class is designed to develop the children’s musical learning but they have fun at the same time as Mel incorporates puppets, songs and stories into the music. They actually end up learning a very high level of music without even realising it! They learn about pitch and how to shout or whisper and she encourages them to start singing with the right notes. The sessions aren’t too long which is good as the children are quite young and they provide snacks and tea at the end which is a great way to get to know other people as well.

Annette, Mum of Sophie (2), Ely

We really love coming to this music class

We really love coming to this music class. It incorporates music, movement and imagination. Great for my little toddler!

Johanna, Mum of Arthur


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