Child Observation-Wednesday 13th December 2017

Child A entered the room for the class looking a little annoyed, his Childminder mentioned that he’d been like this since she collected him from Nursery.  However, once we got into the routine of the class he was back to his usual enthusiastic self. After singing the ‘Hello song’ we sang the familiar song ‘Jack… Read More »

Child Observation-Wednesday 29th November 2017, Child A gets on board

This week’s class I decided to focus on pitch awareness.  Now that Child A and the other children who attend my classes are in their toddler stage, their ability to differentiate between notes will have increased from my musical education.  Child A continued to be apprehensive at the start of this week’s class again due… Read More »

Child Observation-Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Child A was slightly reserved when he first arrived but this is not unusual when they are newcomers to the group.  This disappeared though as the class got going.  We started with the Hello song and then moved onto the rhyme ‘I had a Dog’ which we had previously learnt.  This where the end of… Read More »

Child Observation-Wednesday 8th November 2017

Class started as usual by singing the ‘Hello song’ which is a good to way to settle children new and also regular members to the session and get their focus.  I use it as an opportunity to sing hello and welcome each child who attends. We started with the finger play rhyme ‘Johnny, Johnny’.  We… Read More »

Child Observation-Wednesday 18th October 2017

Child A has been engaging more with musical activites at home since attending my classes, for example the songs he chooses to sing are becoming more recognisable and this is due to his pitch awareness become more mature as he grows. He was fairly sleepy when he arrived for class but soon got into the… Read More »

Child Observation-Wednesday 4th October 2017

In this class, we stuck to the usual routine of starting with the Hello song which Child A is very familiar with and waves whenever I sing his name. We moved onto the song we learnt from last week, ‘Dog named Rover’ which I developed further into a circle game.  Each child has a turn… Read More »