Child Observation-Wednesday 7th June 2017, Child A gets going on the drums.

By | 12th June 2017

Before the class started, Child A arrived sleeping in his Childminder’s arms having fallen asleep in the car on the way. Today he had a change from his usual routine becuase he had been at home with his Grandmother.  He soon perked up once we got going with the Hello Song, during which he copied my beat my patting his knees in time.

To ease the group in gradually, we started with a new rhyme called Elephant which involved actions.  Child A’s Childminder moved his arms then we progressed to changing the pitch with different voices e.g a baby elephant had a squeaky voice and a daddy elephant had a gruff voice.  We then developed into some imaginary play by getting water from our trunks and drinking, then washing ourselves plus each other which he found very funny.

We then moved onto a more lively song called ‘Peel Bananas’, which apparently according to his Childminder Child A loves to do at home.  Especially the part where you ‘Go Bananas’ and let yourself go wild.  From this we moved into more imaginative play to make some banana bread with the rhyme ‘Chop, chop’.  Usually we make savoury food with this rhyme but in this case, children could learn that cooking from scratch can also include baking as part of their environmental awareness.

After demonstrating the rhyme using just hands, of which Child A is now using the side of his hand as a blade independently, I handed out wooden percussion instruments.  We passed these round in a circle after reciting the rhyme and adding an ingredient so all the chilren could try a different instrument and understand the concept of turn taking. Child A, was particularly taken with the drums and would keep the pulse very clearly during the rhyme whilst watching me intently.

Once we had put the cake in the oven, we sung the song ‘Sally go round the Sun’.  After singing this on the floor with the actions I revealed the lycra sheet for us to parade around.  I then introduced the idea of changing direction after each phrase which meant letting go of the lycra and swapping hands as we turn, which Child A was doing by himself.  His physical development and co-ordination has started to become more confindent in recent lessons.

For the end of the lesson, as usual we had request time.  Where Child A asked for ‘Miss Polly’, at this stage he is becoming more clear of his own personal tastes.  For the Goodbye song, we kept out the instruments from before with Child A not only keeping a strong beat but also only banging the drum during the phrase of the song e.g “Goodbye everybody round and round the ring [break], goodbye everybody we had time to sing [break].”

I am very exited about Child A’s progress and am looking forward to see what happens next week.

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