Child Observation-Wednesday 5th July 2017

By | 12th July 2017

In this class, a new element was brought in from  Child A’s home background, his older brother.  His older brother also attended the class due to his school breaking up for the school holidays.  This meant that I was able to alter between more rhythm and pulse work because an older child can start to differentiate between the two.  The presence of Child A’s older brother also brought a different side to Child A ‘s  who was clearly very excited to have him attend and found every opportunity to move closer to sit next to his brother.

I decided to therefore start with a different more complex song after the Hello song, of which Child A waved beautifully to me during.  I used the song ‘Listen, listen’ which involves passing round a drum to different individuals in the group after I have sung a phrase which they then repeat.  The song then can be altered by changing the speed or pitch, which can be initiated by the leader or in the case of the older sibling, I asked him directly.  Child A enjoyed parading around the circle banging the drum independently.

I revealed the new puppet Fuzzy, from last week and I reminded them of the rhyme linked to the puppet ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’. Child A managed to copy both mine and his older siblings modelling of hiding Fuzzy, when he disappears within his honey pot during certain words in the phrase.  We changed from hiding the puppet to revealing him from his honey pot when his name is mentioned, ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’.  Children enjoy the surprise and familiarity of hiding and revealing objects.

We stuck with the idea of honey and recited the rhyme ‘Chop, chop’, which is a great one to use when learning about food and the natural world within the daily routine. Child A had already tried to get out the wooden instruments from one of my bags as he is familiar with the class routine and enjoys to have a role of responsibility where he either hands out or collects the instruments.  There were different types of wooden percussion, ranging from a colourful xylophone to a Guiro, which were passed round the circle/’Work station’. Child A is normally used to the concept of sharing the instruments, however this time he became reluctant to hand one instrument onto his brother.

I moved onto a more physical activity by using a familiar song that we have used this term which is ‘Jack in the Box’.  We repeated the action of crouching down low then reaching up tall both sitting flinging our arms to the ceiling and then jumping from a standing position.  Child A was very keen to start jumping and was demonstrating that he could do so on his own before I even suggested that we try the song standing up.  A few weeks ago he needed some encouragement to do so and with a few weeks of getting used to this movement he has become more confident in his gross motor skills. I developed the song into a game where a pair of children or child/adult had either the Jack doll or Fuzzy puppet and had to mirror each other whilst copying the actions on their toy.  This develops team work/co-ordination and team leading skills due to the roles of leading were swapped.

Having whole families attend brings great joy to me to watch them grow and play music together.



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