Child Observation-Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Bring your favourite toy special

By | 5th May 2017

This week’s class was based on a theme of bring your favourite toy, the idea came to me when Child A had a phase of bringing a baby doll regularly to class that he had received for his birthday. Child A looked unsure around newcomers when he first sat down in the group circle.

We started the class with a song that we learnt last week called ‘Jack in the Box’, this is an ideal song to link in with the theme of toys. Child A copied the actions of crouching down low and reaching up high with the help of his Childminder. The aim of this song is for the child to explore pitch

Next, we used the rhyme ‘Teddy Bear’ which also involves actions and movement with emphasis on physical development. For this rhyme, we passed around the teddy which I had previously explanined was a childhood favourite and had significant sentimental value so we explored some emotions work too. Child A particularly liked the element of washing the teddy’s feet because they were smelly and I know he has a particular fascination with taking off the socks off my doll Jack.

We them moved onto the rhyme ‘Ride a Cock Horse’ which I demonstrated with another childhood toy which is a horse puppet. Child A watched the puppet intently then we developed the rhyme into a game where we galloped around the room to different speeds (gallop, trot etc.). Child A would only move around the room holding onto his Childminder, so as the weeks develop it will be interesting to see if he starts to develop some independence in his movements plus grow in confidence. He further explored his physical awareness by dressing himself up with the bell bracelets again.

I decided to use the song ‘Down Came Andrew’ as the last activity so I could turn the idea of toys into exploratory play by using another childhood favourite, Sweep the dog puppet to bury the button and key. When I revealed the button and key by shaking them first, Child A immediately reacted to the sound, recognising them as the game we have been playing. His Childminder informed me that he tried to sing this to her in the bath. We took it in turns to hide the button and key which he did with the help of his Childminder. It had been previously commented on by one of the new mothers that Child A was very good at sharing and turn taking. This week Child A didn’t reveal his item but he was aware that Sweep had “buried” it behind him because he kept on looking behind him when I placed it there.

For requests at the end of the session, his Childminder chose the rhyme ‘Round and round the garden’ which Child A particularly enjoys becuase of the tickling at the end. For the ‘Goodbye’ song he didn’t wave back on his own but this may be partly due to be distracted by the new babies in the group.

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