Child Observation-Wednesday 26th April 2017

By | 27th April 2017

Child A’s Childminder happily informed me at the end of the session that after last week’s class they walked to the car with Child A singing along to himself. She even managed to film him to try to work out what he was singing. Following on from last week’s class, I reused some of the songs to make them more familiar and also to see how Child A would react.

To start the class we sang the ‘Hello song’ which Child A began to pat his knees to the beat after some prompting from the adults. We learnt a new song called ‘Jack in the Box’ so when I revealed the Jack doll as usual from my bag, Child A was very pleased to see him. The song indicates differences in pitch with some movement which Child A copied from the adults in the room both sitting and standing.

We moved onto a song from last week which was ‘Magic Fingers’. I asked Child A if he wanted to blow on Jack’s fingers to make them “magic” so he took the doll off me and gave him a cuddle instead. He enjoyed explorartory play with the use of empty Easter egg boxes by sticking in his hand but had to rely on adult help to reveal some fingers for us to count.

We stuck to the theme of ‘Hide and Seek’ within Social and Creativity development with the song ‘Button and Key’ where each item represented by a percussion instrument is hidden and revealed. Those who have the items sing a response that they have the item in question. Chld A loves to take turns and tidy away the instruments/toys used during songs. And for this song during one turn he showed that he had one of the items without singing, earlier on in the song.

We had more Physical Development activites through the song ‘Engine, engine’ which means moving to the beat and taking a train to different destinations of the families attending. Child A’s Childminder always asks him and deciphers from his vocabulary where he would like to go which was decided would be Ely. Child A walks in a circle holding hands with his Childminder. He was slightly more inclinded to wear the prop hat but not for too long this time.

For the last song we sang ‘Coming round the Moutain’ to fit in with the theme of trains. When I took out the gift bag containing the ribbons for movement, Child A immedatiately recognised what the bag was for and emptied out the ribbons handing them out to the group. At the end of the song he also collected them all to put away.

For the ‘Goodbye song’, Child A gave a big wave on his own when I sang his name. I look forward to hearing more next week about how the class has impacted him.

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