Child Observation-Wednesday 24th January 2018, Child A breaks out into song!

By | 31st January 2018

We had a revealing session last week with Child A breaking out into song and getting to know Jack the doll even more.  We started the lesson with Child A playing up, who had to be taken briefly out of the circle by his Childminder before he agreed to participate sensibly and join in with the activities.  With the dull weather I felt that this session should be more active as Child A is at the stage where he has a lot of energy and confusing emotions as he learns to deal with being more independent.

So after the ‘Hello song’ as usual, I continued with the new rhyme ‘Creeping, creeping’ which describes the actions of a cat stalking followed by the movement of a rabbit hopping. This starts as a tactile play where you creep over the child’s palm/foot and hop up their arm/leg.  I developed this further to imitating the movements of the animals described first on all fours then standing and then moving around the room, changing the tempi as I went.

We then carried on with the new song we learnt last week called ‘Johnny works with one hammer’ which Child A really enjoyed especially as he got to strike a drum.  He was still able to listen to the phrasing (musical sentence) and structure of the song by not just banging non-stop but stopping at the end of each verse and using the beater to the pulse that I chose at the time.  During this song, I passed around the various wooden percussion instruments so that a variety was used and that sharing becomes a frequent activity every week.  He recognised the guiro from a previous activity because I used it to represent a candlestick from the song ‘Jack Be Nimble’.  This brought us to discuss that it was his birthday so Child A decided to recreate a birthday cake using the instruments to hand and suddenly attempted to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

Music is used for many milestones and now that Child A is using music as part of his development, he now recognises songs that describe certain events such as Christmas when we sing carols and festive tunes at our annual end of term class plus now his birthday.  Thus he is learning not only about history with cultural references used in traditional songs such as carols and nursery rhymes but also of the calendar and the changing seasons that are reflected with different themed songs.

So as I often do when I get a source of inspiration from a child, I alter the intended lesson plan and went with something different.  We went on to sing the song ‘Jack Be Nimble’ which is where I use the guiro as the candlestick for the child to jump over at the end of the song.  In this case we used the doll Jack to jump over as Child A wasn’t so confident about jumping at first.  This led him to play further with the doll and discover to my surprise that you could undress the doll fully so we also learnt to explore the human body in more detail as an added bonus.

For the Request section at the end of the class, Child A of course asked to sing his favourite ‘Fireman Sam’ which apparently his Mum thought he had grown out of because at one stage this was all he would sing.  However I have noticed at any opportunity for free play during my classes, he will attempt to use an imaginary hose to put out a fire just like the T.V show.  Perhaps he can help me give my doll Jack a good wash and clean his clothes too for next week.


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