Child Observation-Wednesday 22nd November 2017

By | 29th November 2017

Child A was slightly reserved when he first arrived but this is not unusual when they are newcomers to the group.  This disappeared though as the class got going.  We started with the Hello song and then moved onto the rhyme ‘I had a Dog’ which we had previously learnt.  This where the end of the rhyme involves the child rolling over like a dog.  Child A particularly loves having his tummy rubbed/tickled at the end like a dog and squeals with delight.  After mirroring myself the movement expected, rather than use the Jack doll, the children respond well.

We continued with a familiar tune used regularly in class, called ‘See Saw’ where adult and child pair up together to move in a rowing like action.  This accentuates the beat and also the rise and fall in pitch, Child A is able to change and understand the difference between speeds when they are changed.  He needs some prompting from his Childminder but with good demonstrating from myself of the different tempi using everyday situations to explain e.g strong winds so we need to go slower he can follow me clearly. Having watched another child have a go on the Yoga ball, rolling backwards and forwards to the beat, Child A was then more keen to have a try later on once we used the ball again for another activity.  The first time, he preferred to roll Jack the doll on the ball instead.

The next activity to use the yoga ball was the rhyme ‘Uncle John’ which is a fun bouncing game where you pretend you’re on a horse and nearly slide off on each side before galloping off.  The ball in particular builds up their core muscles by sitting more upright like riding a horse and also further gives the impression of horse-play and their imaginative skills.

We moved onto a movement based activity, using the whole room next with the song ‘Frosty Weather’ which describes the current season and weather that was currently happening at the time.  The leaves were rustling with the use of egg shakers that moved to the beat and up and down the body represented the changing pitch levels.  We were blown away to different areas of the room but always came back together which establishes emotional bond and stability that young children need.

We finished with a lullaby called ‘I see the Moon’ which is ideal to set a slow rocking sensation which we also established using the yoga ball again.  For the Request section at the end of the class, Child A chose his favourite at the moment which is ‘London’s Burning’.  He seems to really follow the song by watching my actions and can be clearly heard singing.  It was funny to see him look quizingly at a male adult observer in the group, when he saw that they weren’t joining in with the singing for the Goodbye song.  So it is clear that he takes what he learns in the class seriously.

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