Child Observation-Wednesday 20th September 2017 “Truly delightful” post class performance

By | 27th September 2017

We started the class with the usual ‘Hello song’ which Child A waved when he heard his name.  Then we developed this into the first activity which was a continuation on last week’s new song ‘Have you brought?’.  This time I used my bear puppet which has a moveable mouth to further demonstrate the call and response idea.  This can also be used to indicate the different levels of pitch for each voice used e.g growly/squeaky voice.  His Childminder tried to encourage to use one of his favourite play voices which ‘Naughty Norman’ from the Children’s television show ‘Fireman Sam’.  This is Child A’s favourite role play character at the moment.

I then revealed some play coins in the bear puppet’s honey pot to introduce the new song ‘Who has the penny?’ which is similar to the popular song we learnt last term called ‘Down Came Andrew’ where a button and key were handed out in secret to various members of the class.  Child A having learnt this song last term was aware that the item would be hidden but always needs assistance to cover his eyes when the hiding takes place.

As we had a newcomer to the class I decided to use the song ‘Jack be nimble’ which started as a bouncing game for the younger children, then I encouraged the older children like Child A to jump at the end of song on the word ‘Whee!’ Child A is now able to jump withouth so much adult intervention and is becoming more physically independent.  We then changed the last word to other sounds that the children were using such as ‘Go!’ to encourage improvisation in music.  The game then developed into a jumping game where each child got to ‘jump over the candlestick’ as it says in the song.  I ended up using a guiro to represent the candlestick and the children took it in turns to light the candle with the match like action of scraping the guiro.  We also used this as a tool to change the tempo (speed) of the song.

We continued with last week’s song ‘Frosty Weather’. We used bells to represent the wind blowing which Child A loves to dress up in and hand out the instruments.  This was followed with a more gentle activity to end the class whicsh was to sing the song ‘There’s a Spider’.  Due to the repetition of this song as the spider climbs up the body, landing on various limbs Child A was clearly trying to sing this by himself.  I received some wonderful comments from Child A’s Mum after the class via e-mail about his performance when he got home. He sang most of the songs in class to his Childminder for the rest of the afternoon. And in the evening, he was still in a very musical and cheerful mood, so he spent a good 15 minutes after dinner ‘coming on stage’ to perform either a guitar rock music piece, or a quieter ‘bilola’ (meaning viola) piece, with appropriate miming and tune, followed by an emphatic bow, and a wave whilst walking off stage… only to return. His Mum described this as  “truly delightful!”


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