Child Observation-Wednesday 1st November 2017, Bonfire Night Special

By | 6th November 2017

Child A was a little perplexed when he arrived at the class due to the fact that there were more babies than usual.  With new faces it takes him a while it seems to become confident in his surroundings and as the music class is a regular fixture in his life he like a lot of children prefer routine that comforts them with familiarity.  So with new children and adults in the class this will add to Child A’s developing social skills.

I started the themed Bonfire Night class with the familiar song ‘Spider on my toe’.  This song develops environmental awareness so the children can then look out for spiders in their outdoor settings which are rife at this time of year.  Child A can also continue to build up his physical independence by learning about the different parts of the body used in the song.

The next song was a seasonal Halloween topic of Pumpkins.  In this song, the children are encouraged to pull different silly faces.  For early years, particularly babies will learn communication skills via their adults facial expressions before being able to express themselves verbally.  For older children like Child A, who is a Toddler it is about emotional development as we progressed the activity into pulling different faces based on our emotions.  I also changed the type of voice to teach the difference between a speaking and singing voice by changing the pitch.  As children learn through play, the characters depicted such as a Wicked Witch will evoke elements of character through role play.

We moved onto the rhyme 10 fat Sausages to represent food during Guy Fawkes Night with emphasis on the sounds ‘Pop’ and ‘Bang’ which were represented by different percussion instruments that the children took turns to use. I also used the rhyme ‘Apple Tree’ which has been used frequently throughout this term.  This also represents seasonal food which was turned into Toffee Apples which are also eaten at Bonfire Night.  I used the puppets Sooty who whispers and Sweep who squeaks to demonstrate different pitches of speaking voices, young children in particular react more to higher pitched voices.  In the story I created through the rhyme, once the characters had climbed the tree to different tempi they decided to collect the apples and make them into toffee apples, which I represented with maracas. Sooty uses a magic wand, so he tapped out the rhythm of his magic spell, “Izzy Wizzy lets get busy!” which Child A enjoyed trying to extend his musical ability from keeping a steady beat to recreating a rhythmic pattern.

For the ending, I used a relaxing piece of music by the D.J artist Moby called ‘Fireworks’ and set up my U.F.O Light display for the children to watch as they listened.  Child A has seen this equipment before and enjoyed the tactile learning through touching the Fibre Optics.  I developed the activity further to using tissue paper to enhance their aural awareness of Firework noises and the textures in the music.  The physical movement represented the different directions the Fireworks can move.

After the request section at the end of the class, during which Child A asked for ‘Row, row your boat’ he came up to me at the end of the class and asked  if he could help with the tidying.  Once he had very keenly put the equipment away with me, he asked if there was “Any more?” to do.  I look forward to having more conversations with Child A in the next classes that are coming up and hope that he and the other children were able to enjoy the Fireworks now that they were more comfortable with them.

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