Child Observation – Wednesday 19th April 2017

By | 24th April 2017

Child A is a 26 month old boy who has been regularly attending Melody Footsteps classes since September. His Childminder has informed me that when she collects him from his nursery to go to class he is very excited.

Child A is very familiar with the routine of the class and will happily sit in the circle for the ‘Hello song’ and with some prompting tap his knees to a steady beat. We started with the song ‘Beehive’ which fits in with Early Years Foundation Stage framework because it is a song about the environment and seasons. For pitch awareness, he watched me intensely as the bee moved up higher to a Sunflower and then lower when we sang the song at a lower pitch when the been moved to a buttercup in the grass. He found it amusing when we sneezed due to the pollen.

We then moved onto the song ‘Magic Fingers’ which is also a counting song that helps to develop finger dexterity and fine motor skills. Child A didn’t hide his hands but was aware that his childminder was and kept looking behind her.

Child A was happy from my revealing of the hat prop from my bag, which we take in turns to wear when we are the train driver for the song ‘Engine, engine’. He also loves to play with everyday props such as an old train ticket of mine that I use. He then insists on putting the ticket in my doll Jack’s pocket and then he imitates this by putting the ticket in his pocket. So this is very much a Creative game for this song as it develops his imagination when we parade round on the train thinkning of different destinations to visit and making a story based on the group’s ideas.

For the song ‘Rain, rain’ we used maracas and I highlighted the difference in pitch with these which he focused on fully. For the end of the class we used bell bracelets which Child A loves to decorate himself with. His communication, speech and social interaction are always increasing especially because during the ‘Goodbye’ song when he gave me a big double wave when he heard his name sung.

I look forward to seeing him again next week as usual.

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