Child Observation-Wednesday 13th December 2017

By | 20th December 2017

Child A entered the room for the class looking a little annoyed, his Childminder mentioned that he’d been like this since she collected him from Nursery.  However, once we got into the routine of the class he was back to his usual enthusiastic self.

After singing the ‘Hello song’ we sang the familiar song ‘Jack Be Nimble’, focusing on the two pitch melody.  I emphasised this by moving my Jack doll to demonstrate the rise and fall of the pitch then moved this on further by using the xylophone again.  Child A enjoys striking percussion instruments and making as much noise as he can.

I then revealed the bear puppet, which we hadn’t used for a while and Child A immediately asked where the toy bee that accompanied the bear was.  I then explained that as it was Winter the bee found it too cold to come out.  So this helped to introduce the concept of the next activity that in fact the bear was hibernating.  This taps into the EYFS learning initiative of a child’s environment and understanding of the changing seasons.  So we used the rhyme ‘Fuzzy, Wuzzy’, only bringing the bear out of his honey pot during certain phrases because ‘Fuzzy bear’ is checking to see if it’s warm enough to come out.  I develped this further into dynamic range and awareness e.g. quiet voice when the bear is sleeping and a louder voice when he comes out of his pot.  Child A managed to control the bear’s movements himself when it was his turn to use the puppet and was able to reveal and hide the bear regularly.  Children in particular enjoy the idea of hide and seek in this game.

For another Wintry game, we sang ‘Frosty Weather’ using the lycra sheet which Child A at the moment has a fascination for covering himself up with any cloth that we use in class.  He developed the game more by becoming an abominable snowman when the lycra sheet covered him at the end of the song with snow.  He uses a scary voice most and kept creeping up and hugging both myself and his Childminder which was very amusing.  To get even more fun out of the game we chased each other with the lycra sheet, which became a snow cloud.

As always for the Request section of the class, we sang ‘London’s Burning’ which is Child A’s favourite song at the moment as well as the theme tune to ‘Fireman Sam’. Having watched this show as a child, I was luckily very aware of the melody but not so much of the lyrics so I need to learn those.

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