Child Observation-Wednesday 10th January 2018 First class of New Year

By | 11th January 2018

Child A arrived into the setting proudly showing me his umbrella that he had used to walk from the church car park to the hall while it was raining.  He was very excited as he got ready for the class and is becoming more and more talkative each time I see him.

We started with the ‘Hello song’ and he gave me a big wave when I sang his name.  Then I sang a new song called ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ which is a very active and happy song involving lots of action and movement.  Child A watched engrossed as my Jack doll and I demonstrated the new song.  He smiled at the funny actions such as giving a thumbs up. At this stage he is happy to watch rather than try to join in and prefers help from his Childminder for gross motor control. I then varied the song by changing the tempi.

We sat down to learn a new song called ‘Diddle diddle dumpling’ which is a song about getting dressed.  When I ask Child A questions about his life/daily routine he will attempt to answer me himself rather than wait for an adult to intervene now that his verbal skills are becoming more strongly developed.  When I asked him if he gets dressed by himself he mentioned that his Mummy got his trousers for him after the shower.  So this song is enhancing his sense of everyday life, routine and home environment.  During the song a sock or shoe is removed from either the child or Jack doll so a child can gain independence skills such as dressing themselves.

The next song further instilled educational skills, this time Numeracy.  The rhyme 5 Little Snowmen involves subtraction with actions as each snowman melts.  Child A was more keen on running around after each of the snowmen melted, pretending that the snowman toy was in fact a fire hose which is his favourite role play game at the moment.  His Childminder helped him to focus by counting my fingers each time we took a snowman away and he showed good counting skills.

I chose another new song for the term called ‘Mix the Porridge’ which I discovered from Child A that he also has porridge in the mornings too.  This song also comes with actions and as Child A was acting a bit restless he seemed to enjoy the verses about going to sleep and lying down which he did automatically on his Childminder’s lap.  We got out the egg shakers which Child A immediately handed out counting together as we went along.  These we used to add the porridge mix and stir in the bowl.

I decided to end the class with a familiar song from last term and asked which one would be the most popular.  According to Child A’s Childminder one of his favourites from last term is the rhyme ‘Chop, chop choppity chop’.  This is mainly due to the fact that Child A has a lot of experience of cooking at home so when I asked him what we should make he replied “cake”.  He is very familiar with the action of chopping his hand on the palm of the other which builds up pulse awareness.

Child A was very keen to sing ‘Fireman Sam’ during the Request section of the class and wasn’t keen to wait his turn to choose.  When it came to his turn I sang the theme tune to ‘Fireman Sam’ to the best of my knowledge and from this help Child A then was able to try and sing the song my himself.  A lot of the song had recognisable snippets in it which he sang whilst tapping his foot in time to the song.  This has been a promising start to the New Year and I look forward to seeing what else he can try his hand at this term.

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