About Melody Footsteps

Kodaly-based Music group for babies /toddlers and parents in Cambridge which uses puppets and toys in order to learn pitch, pulse and rhythm.

Zoltan Kodaly was a Hungarian music educationalist/composer who believed that musical education even at a pre-school age was not only vital but also crucial to an important period of age development for music. Early music preparation for a child not only aids them musically but also can develop their reading and writing skills, for later on at school.  The musical skills that are developed at pre-school age are:-

  • Inner hearing and memory
  • Pitch range awareness
  • Dynamic range awareness
  • Rhythmic sense

And most importantly the ability to sing in tune.

Keeping to these principles, they give children the opportunity to help them learn or remember the fun and benefits of play through singing and music making.

Tea and freshly brewed coffee (decaf and herbal options available) will be available at each class.